Better Late than Never

Parenting mistake number….well, honestly I’ve lost count. My husband and I agreed that our role as parents was to assist our daughters in discovering their gifts. Doing this has meant providing them with opportunities to participate in a multitude of activities and sports. Only time will tell if our efforts will result in success but I recently recognized a mistake we were making. Continue reading


A New Christmas Tradition

Being the mother of teen-aged daughters is bitter-sweet. I delight in the passing of diaper bags, daycare bills, temper tantrums, and happy-meals (don’t tell the Golden Arches). Along with developing beyond these inconveniences so too pass the little moments I cherish. Also gone are the requests to “hold me,” the bed-time stories, the nighttime bedroom visitor with tiny cold feet, and the need for mom’s reassurance the night before the first day of school. It is rewarding to watch your children develop into more than you could have ever imagined. Yet watching these milestones pass leaves a parent nostalgic for time gone by. Recently a new chapter started in our house after we came clean to our youngest daughter about “The Big Man in Red.” Funny, she was probably pretending to believe to not hurt our feelings. We didn’t want to crush her innocence so we all played along, much longer than I had hoped. Continue reading