Bucket List


This morning as I was collecting laundry from the girls’ bedrooms, I stumbled across a bucket list my daughter wrote of the things she wants to accomplish this summer. She’ll be starting high school in the fall but looking over her list reminds me very much that she is still in many ways a little girl. The list is comprised of simple things like watching a sunrise and sunset, creating a side-walk mural with chalk, making play-dough and coloring a coloring book (whole thing) as she puts it. What does this list say about her? What words would describe this child? Playful, dreamer, ambitious, creative, decisive and perhaps a little obsessive. Seriously do most kids make lists like this? I love seeing that she is organized and sets goals for herself. I know those two skills will serve her well in life. My eyebrows raised slightly when I learned she wants to dye her hair with chalk and acquire sun tattoos. While neither is permanent and I’m thankful for her sense of reason, it is a reminder of the fact that she is growing up and we are heading into the uncharted territory of asserted independence. It is hard to believe that she will be heading off to ninth grade in September. High school, the beginning of the final chapter of her life in our home as a child. Knowing there will be many wonderful adventures beyond high school pulls me back from the sad feeling of lost childhood. Her birthday is approaching and the list has provided me with several gift ideas. I can’t help but think, however, that her little list is really a gift to me. It may be an opportunity to make some final childish memories. Before long she will no longer enjoy making an indoor fort, creating shaving cream art or spending the day shopping on the boardwalk. Finding her list on her desk this morning is one of those moments that will forever live in my memory.


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