No More Excuses

NewStorageI finally have a place to organize photos and old family papers. Now I just need the motivation to compile dates, names and images into a family tree. I haven’t informed my girls yet but NO, I haven’t finished or really even started a baby book for either one. Shame. See I’m not much of a “scrapbooker.” I always WANTED to make them gorgeous books filled with memories of their childhood but it was just so overwhelming. I’ve purchased the books, the paper, the stickers, you name it I’ve got it! But I waited too long and now the task to too daunting. So when my girls finally have homes of their own I’ll present them with the boxes of photos (organized by age) that I always intended to use in their baby books, folders of school papers (also organized but by grade) that were too cute to discard and a compiled family history. At this point compiling the family history is the goal.

This weekend I found the perfect chest to house my collection of family artifacts and it has inspired me to get to work. The little green dresser I found on Craiglist for $40 was the perfect size for the space in my living room. It allowed me to compile all the marriage and baptismal records I found in my grandmother’s home after her passing and boxes of photos I was stashing throughout the house. Going through these mementos to compile the family history is going to be my “rainy day summer project.” In the mean-time I just couldn’t let this cute dresser sit alone in the living room. The twelve gallon crock, rescued from my grandfather’s basement, is providing additional storage. The Pottery Barn/Ana White inspired shelves are filled with reminders of my summer goal and this chest’s current purpose. Finally, I needed a little catch-all for papers I am currently processing. The large distressed box on the dresser was made from two cedar fence pickets and finished with a steel-wool vinegar stain.

I just love the space. I’m reminded daily of the job that is housed in this area and am looking forward to a few dreary, rainy days that will surely arrive once the humid Virginia summer is upon us.


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