Raised Beds

IMAG0088Since the calendar tells me it is spring it is time to begin readying the raised garden beds. In our backyard, we have two where we usually grow herbs, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce. We made these beds several years ago because we were tired of fighting the weed battle. After using the raised beds for a year I also appreciated the fact that I could sit on the edge of the bed while working in the dirt.

Each is 4 foot wide by 8 foot long and built from cedar. I wanted cedar beds because of the durable, insect repellant nature of the wood. Additionally, it smells great. As I was planning this project, the sticker price of cedar was a bit of a shock. I knew I had to be creative if I wanted this project to be a cost effective addition to our backyard. We found two-by-fours at a local store called Home Emporium. Love this store! The two-by-fours were used as supports on the corners and wall sides, which are on the interior of the boxes. The sides of the raised beds are made from cedar fence pickets purchased at Lowes. Cedar fence pickets are inexpensive and work great for this project. The dog ears need to be removed for this project. I saved the dog-ear section which I was able to put to good use for a Pinterest party I attended. Fence post sections were also used to vertically reinforce the sides of the boxes. Currently, it is still quite cold so there isn’t much planted. I have decided to experiment with some different plants this year, currently I have oregano, cilantro, onions, garlic, scallions and peas planted.

           IMAG0082          IMAG0081


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