Bakeless Cookies – A Message from the Past


Holidays and celebrations with my husband’s family are always a wonderful time. He’s from a large family making any event bubbling with enthusiasm and a time of great sharing. Sharing of memories, new adventures and also many delicious recipes. At each event, my mother-in-law  is expected to bring a batch of bakeless cookies because they are her son’s favorite. This year Thanksgiving was at our house and as expected Marge brought her bakeless cookies. As she handed me the tin of cookies she explained the recipe she uses is one her mother gave to her. Attached to the top of the tin was a picture of her mother and uncle. She turned the picture over and explained that the recipe was on the back of the photograph. The recipe, stained with years of use, was hand-written by her mother. What a priceless treasure of family history.  Isn’t it wonderful when the past can speak to you? I think her mother would be proud to know that her recipe and memory is always part of our family celebrations and that tradition will continue for many years to come.

2 cups sugar

2 large tbsp cocoa

1/4 lb butter

1/2 cup milk

Cook 1 1/2 minutes fast.

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup peanut butter

3 cups uncooked rolled oats

Mix well, drop by teaspoon on cookie sheet.


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