I LOVE Pinterest!

Yep…I’m hooked! I love the ideas that people share on Pinterest. It is helping me to solve some of the “I hate” areas of my house. Areas like the front steps; the horrible eyesore everyone could see when entering my house. We replaced the carpet on the steps and second floor when we first moved into our house  and it had certainly taken a beating over the years. I didn’t want to replace the carpeting again because I knew in a short period of time it would look the same. Anyone else out there in a constant battle with your family to remove their shoes in the house – I’ve finally surrendered to that battle. And then I saw the pin of painted steps posted on the Southern Hospitality blog. LOVE!!!!!

This project took me several weeks to complete because I worked on it a little each night after work and because we had to have access to the second floor of our home. If you take on this project be prepared to be completely grossed out. The underside of my carpeting was filthy and Virginia Beach was calling for the return of its sand once I had the padding removed.

In the end I love the look and I’m excited to decorate for the holidays. Wreaths, swags or stockings? Not sure, but I’m sure Pinterest will have several wonderful suggestions.


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