Kelly’s Room

Before our oldest daughter, Amanda, left for college the girls traded bedrooms. This gave me the opportunity to help Amanda sort through her all her mementos. She decided what to save, donate, take to college and discard. After the switch I wanted to give our younger daughter, Kelly, a “big girl” space. We found some amazing furniture on Craigslist and applied a shabby chic finish.

To get the perfect shabby chic finish I followed the instructions at this site. I used spray paint however, because it dried quickly and covered the pieces evenly. Additionaly, a smooth professional looking finish was achieved by sanding between each coat and buffing the furniture with Minwax finishing wax. Kelly says, “it feels like butter.” I love the way these pieces turned out and have vowed to never purchase furniture from the “big box store” ever again.

The first piece we purchased from Craigslist was the iron bed. Amanda and I took a little road trip to Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks to pick up this piece. It was a little distance from our home but also gave us the opportunity to visit one of Amanda’s favorite beach shops, the Foxy Flamingo. The bed frame was a mess. The prior owner had stored it in a garage that had flooded during a nor’easter so it was more rust than iron bed. A sunny weekend, a bottle of navel jelly and a couple cans of high gloss Rustoleum black spray paint transformed this piece.

Next came the side table, dresser and vanity with stool. The amazing thing about Craigslist is the ability to find matching piece from completely unrelated people. This was the first time I’d refinished something with spray paint and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The best spray paint for this type of project is Rust-oleum’s Painters Touch Ultra Coverage. Look for the 2x on the can – best price and the best value.

Finally, we add a chair and chandelier to Kelly’s room. The chair is a Craigslist find and the chandelier an Ikea light that my husband rewired to be a “plug-in” light. Part of the excitement of my Craigslist purchases is the people I meet and the stories about the pieces I’m purchasing. I bought the chair from an elderly gentleman. He had acquired the chair from his mother-in-law in the 50’s as a wedding gift. He told me it was the first piece and for a while the only piece he and his wife owed in their first home.  His wife is no longer living and he was clearing out sixty-plus years of belongings. I like to think that this man would love to see this chair given new life and that it would bring a smile to his face to see my daughter comfortably reading or completing her homework in this chair.

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